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Futsal World Cup 2020 preliminary round report

Thursday, 19/09/2019, 16:07 GMT+7
Futsal World Cup 2020 preliminary round report

Futsal World Cup 2020 preliminary round report

The line-up for October's main round is set after 16 teams progressed from the preliminary round on the road to Lithuania.

The 16 teams progressing from the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup preliminary round have been confirmed as the road to the finals in Lithuania began.

Running over the last week, 32 of the record European entry of 49 teams were involved in the preliminary round, and they now join the 16 top-seeded nations given byes to October's main round. By April 2020, six European places will be filled alongside hosts Lithuania in the 24-team finals.

- Preliminary round results: Click HERE

- Top scorer: Anel Radmilović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 7

- Top two in each group progressed to join 16 teams given byes to main round

- Main round groups already drawn, games in October

- Elite round, play-offs and finals follow in 2020

How the groups ended

- Group A

Winners: Latvia
Runners-up: England
Eliminated: Cyprus, Gibraltar

- Group B

Winners: Belarus
Runners-up: Kosovo
Eliminated: Norway, Andorra

- Group C

Winners: North Macedonia
Runners-up: Albania
Eliminated: Greece, San Marino

- Group D

Winners: Georgia
Runners-up: Germany
Eliminated: Israel, Denmark

- Group E

Winners: Belgium
Runners-up: Sweden
Eliminated: Armenia, Malta

- Group F

Winners: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Runners-up: Switzerland
Eliminated: Turkey, Scotland

- Group G

Winners: Netherlands
Runners-up: Montenegro
Eliminated: Bulgaria, Estonia

- Group H

Winners: Moldova
Runners-up: Finland
Eliminated: Wales, Northern Ireland

* Germany and Kosovo progressed on their World Cup debuts, while there was also a first appearance for Scotland as well as Northern Ireland, making their bow in any international men's futsal competition


Main round draw (22–27 October)

- Group 1: Spain, Poland*, Georgia, Finland

- Group 2: Ukraine, Slovenia, North Macedonia*, Kosovo

- Group 3: Azerbaijan*, Slovakia, Moldova, Montenegro

- Group 4: Italy*, Hungary, Belarus, England

- Group 5: Kazakhstan, Romania*, Netherlands, Albania

- Group 6: Serbia, France*, Belgium, Switzerland

- Group 7: Russia, Croatia*, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden

- Group 8: Portugal*, Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany

(*: hosts)

  • The top two teams in each group will progress to the elite round
  • Spain have qualified for all eight previous World Cups and won in 2000 and 2004
  • Russia lost the 2016 final to Argentina
  • Portugal are the reigning European champions
  • FYR Macedonia replace Ukraine as Group 2 hosts

Elite round and play-offs

  • The four elite round group winners will qualify for the finals and the four runners-up will go into the play-offs.
  • In the play-offs, the four sides will be drawn into two ties, played on a home and away basis, to decide Europe's last two qualifiers.

Road to Lithuania: calendar

  • Elite round draw: 7 November 2019
  • Elite round: 28 January–2 February 2020
  • Play-off draw: tbc, Nyon
  • Play-offs: 9 & 12 April 2020
  • Finals draw: tbc, Lithuania
  • Finals: 12 September–4 October 2020, Lithuania

Qualifying allocation

  • AFC 5
  • CAF 3
  • OFC 1
  • UEFA 7 (hosts Lithuania and 6 qualifiers)

World Cup roll of honour

  • 2016: Argentina 5-4 Russia (Colombia)
  • 2012: Brazil 3-2 aet Spain (Thailand)
  • 2008: Brazil 2-2, 4-3 pens Spain (Brazil)
  • 2004: Spain 2-1 Italy (Chinese Taipei)
  • 2000: Spain 4-3 Brazil (Guatemala)
  • 1996: Brazil 6-4 Spain (Spain)
  • 1992: Brazil 4-1 United States (Hong Kong)
  • 1989: Brazil 2-1 Netherlands (Netherlands)


Highlight - Iran vs Portugal - Futsal World Cup 2016 - 3rd Place
A memorable win for Iran, because this is the first time in history they get the bronze medal at FIFA Futsal World Cup.
Highlight - Argentina vs Russia - Futsal World Cup 2016 - Final Game
Beat Russia in the final game, Argentina become the champion of FIFA Futsal World Cup 2016.
Argentina beat Russia in Futsal World Cup 2016 final

Argentina beat Russia 5-4 despite three Eder Lima goals in a meeting of two first-time finalists in Colombia while Portugal were pipped to bronze by Iran.

Lithuania to host 2020 Futsal World Cup
Lithuania has been selected to stage the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup, the first in Europe since 1996, and will be joined by six other UEFA nations in the finals.
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