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Futsal tactics: Great set play for a direct free kick
This is a great set play for a direct free kick that you need to know in Futsal.
Futsal tactics: Use goalkeeper like a player to attack and score
If you have a goalkeeper with good foot skills, you will have a lot of advantages in every match you play.
MUST WATCH: This is an amazing tactic for corner kick!
They understand each other very well, pass and finish very accurately. Therefore, a beautiful goal was scored.
How to use power-play in Futsal: The simplest strategy you must know!
When you are losing and want to use goalkeeper as an attacking player, this is the first tactics you must know!
A great futsal kick-in set play by Chonburi Bluewave
Let's watch a very fast and accurate kick-in made by the 1st club in Thailand futsal. 
How to bypass a press? This is another great example
You keep the ball, your opponent make a press. How will you bypass their press? This is a great example for you.
What to do when your team are under pressure? How to overcome pressing?
When you and your teammates are put under pressure, what you need to do? This in one perfect example!
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